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Mholweni, wikipedians! (Hi, wikipedians!)

My name is Nozibele(Igama lam nguNozibele)

My surname is Nomdebevana (Ifani yam nguNomdebevana)

My clan name is Khwetshube (as a woman I am maKhwetshube) (Isiduko sam nguKhwetshube njengoko ndingowasetyhini ndingumaKhwetshube)

I have a son Sinethemba (meaning 'we have hope') (Ndinonyana ogama lakhe linguSinethemba)

I was born and bred in uMthatha, in the Eastern Capeprovince of South Africa. This is the area of Xhosa (and its variants) speaking people, so is my language of daily interaction.

I obtained Masters degree in Applied linguistics at the University of South Africa (UNISA). This study is based on spoken corpus.

I am an author of the Xhosa novel titled 'Ukuqhabhuka kwethumba' meaning The rupture of the boil. Shutter and shooter publishers. I translate and inteprete from English to Xhosa and its varieties. I am employed on contract basis (i.e. until March 2016) by the UNISA Academy of African language Science (AALS) to work in their Wikipedia project ( ) where my responsibilities include developing the Xhosa Wikipedia and also facilitating the development of the other South African languages Wikipedias.