Inyanga zonyaka

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  1. eyoMqungu-jan, named after lemon grass or long grass which is used to thatch roofs. Because it is in this month that it starts showing.
  2. eyoMdumba-feb, this is the month in which the Acacia Karoo tree's seed pods swell.
  3. eyoKwindla-mar, in this month, fresh vegetables from fiels and gardens are sowed and consumed.
  4. uTshazimpuzi-apr, this is the month of the pumpkins and the first signs of an approaching winter as the leaves change colour and plants die out.
  5. uCanzibe-may, the month where a very bright star Canopus(Argo constellation)can be percieved also announcing the Southern Hemisphere winter.
  6. eyeSilimela-jun, Clusters of stars(pleiades) can be seen in this month, marking the new year in the amaXhosa Calendar, where boys are initiated into manhood at the required age ofcourse.
  7. eyeKhala-jul
  8. eyeThupha-aug
  9. eyoMsintsi-sept
  10. eyeDwarha - Oct
  11. eyeNkanga-nov
  12. eyoMnga-dec