Inyanga zonyaka

  1. eyoMqungu-January, named after lemon grass or long grass which is used to thatch roofs. Because it is in this month that it starts showing.
  2. eyoMdumba-February, this is the month in which the Acacia Karoo tree's seed pods swell.
  3. eyoKwindla-March, in this month, fresh vegetables from fiels and gardens are sowed and consumed.
  4. uTshazimpuzi-April, this is the month of the pumpkins and the first signs of an approaching winter as the leaves change colour and plants die out.
  5. uCanzibe-May, the month where a very bright star Canopus(Argo constellation)can be perceived also announcing the Southern Hemisphere winter.
  6. eyeSilimela-June, Clusters of stars(pleiades) can be seen in this month, marking the new year in the amaXhosa Calendar, where boys are initiated into manhood at the required age of course.
  7. eyeKhala-July,yinyanga apho kumila esinye isityalo esaziwa ngekhala .
  8. eyeThupha-August
  9. eyoMsintsi-September, a tree called Erythrina lysistemon  with very brittle branches that often blossom around this month and is often found in South Africa.
  10. eyeDwarha-Oct
  11. eyeNkanga-Nov, Yinyanga apho kudubula inkanga
  12. eyoMnga-Dec,yinyanga apho kudubula khona umthi obizwa ngokuba nguMnga ekuthi kubaswe ngawo ingakumbi xa kuphekwa utywala besintu.