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IRiphabhlikhi yaseMolossia


I-Molossia (iRiphabhlikhi yaseMolossia)[1] lilizwe elincinci elibanga ulongamo ngaphezu 11.3 acres (4.6 ha; 46,000 m2) [2] womhlaba kufuphi neDayton, Nevada . I-micronation ayikhange ifumane kwamkelwa kuwo nawaphi na amazwe angamalungu oMbutho weZizwe eziManyeneyo . [3] [4] [5] [6] Yasekwa nguKevin Baugh. [7] Uyaqhubeka nokuhlawula irhafu yepropati kumhlaba kwi- Storey County, urhulumente wendawo owaziwayo, nangona ebiza ngokuthi " uncedo lwangaphandle ". [8] Uye wathi "Sonke sifuna ukucinga ukuba sinelizwe lethu, kodwa uyazi ukuba iUnited States inkulu kakhulu". [8]

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