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Unfortunatly my Xhosa language abilities are very poor and so I am not able to edit or create articles on Xhosa Wikipedia my self. However I have created this user page on Xhosa Wikipedia so as to help, in any way that I can, new Xhosa language Wikipedia editors.

I have an interest in history, historical sociology, economic history and public policy. I mostly work on articles about municipalities in the Western Cape and Northern Cape, international relations, South African history and historical figures, economics and South African companies. I also occasionally dabble in China related articles and public policy. The bulk of my editing seems to be about Africa related topics which I think is partly because I live there and partly because there is still so much to write about on Africa related topics.

I have a page on Wikimedia which you can see here. My page on English Wikipedia where I am most active can be seen here. I also have a page on Wikicommons which you can see here.

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